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Work with me

Work with me

I work with women who are stuck in the 9-5 to get the confidence and clarity to start their own online service-based business. If you are ready to make your dreams a non-negotiable, I can help you get there. There are a few different ways you can work with me:

Work with me on a one to one basis to get my support on the exact steps to take to set up your online business. I put my eyes on everything to do with your business and ensure you are always moving forward to get the results you desire.  

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Join one of my group programs to get access to online modules to work through that take you step by step through starting and growing your business. Plus, get coached by me in a group setting with a ready made group of business besties.

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My one off intensive sessions are designed to deep dive into your business (or your business idea) and identify exactly where you need to focus and decide the immediate next steps you need to take. 

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I'm Nadia O'Boye - a certified coach, entrepreneur, development professional and psychology graduate. 

I provide transformational business and life coaching for women who are ready to take inspired action to change their life for the better. 

What can I help you with?

As a business and life coach, I am equipped to help women break through their blocks, get clarity on what they actually want and help them develop the skills to move forward.


This is the first step in creating a life on your terms. Having the confidence to be visible, step out of your comfort zone and believe in yourself are all crucial in running a successful business and life. 


Getting clear on your vision and your mission will help to make sure you are targeting the right people in your business and will also ensure you stay motivated on your journey as a female entrepreneur. 


Online businesses rely on content and systems. Whether it's social media, course materials, lead magnets or email marketing, knowing how to create valuable content and effective systems will set you up for success.

"Nadia really gets you thinking and delving deeper into yourself, pulling out what you really need to move forward and create a better life for yourself. Her intensive sessions are a rollercoaster of thoughts and emotions that funnel into a practical and bite sized approach to getting what you want from life, so it's easy to complete the tasks you set yourself. I feel 100% better after finding Nadia and being able to chat with her and work through my unruly thoughts. I am now more focused and more driven than ever before. "

Felicity, UK

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